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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Best Photo Editing Apps for your Android Smartphone

Of all the mobile OS, Android is considered as the most amazing operating system from Google. It gives the users a number of features, which are not there in other platforms thus making a big buzz in the mobile market. At the same time, it is completely open, which allow the app developers to unleash their innovation thus allowing the users to experiment countless things. Of different applications, Android smartphone has some of the best photo editing applications, which help you in play with your pictures by adding different effects. So, let’s check some of these in the following paragraphs.



If you are keen to retain the quality of any high resolution image consider having PicsPlay in your Android based phones. It is considered as one of the best photo editing application for android platforms. It comprises of a feature called FX Studio, which has around 200 filters. These are categorized in 10 different categories, which makes the choosing thing simple. PicsPlay help in cropping different photos and rotate them along with adjusting the exposure, white balance, and color. It also helps in applying things like stamps, borders, texture and vignetting effects. One of the important features of this application is the instant compare function, which helps you in comparing the edited photo to the original. The recent versions helps the users to redo and undo a number of changes made, which is considered as a useful additions.

2:Awsome Minaiture

Another best editing application for Android based smartphone device is Awesome Miniature, which is a perfect tool for tilt shift freaks, who are keen to add a new edge over their pictures in no time. You could give the tilt shifts function in three different formats including, oval, linear and round. Also, you enjoy the feature of adding up the blur strength along with getting the tilt shift coverage option. Besides, this application has several basic and unique filters. You could carry out a couple of basic adjustments including color, exposure, vignetting, borders and white balance, which could be applied straight away using Awesome Miniature.


This is relatively a new application created for Android based users. It comes with some of the most robust features for photo editing work over mobile platforms. The most interesting feature of this nifty application is the image enhancements function, which simply work with the help of swiping gestures. This is certainly the best way to carry out some of the fine tuning adjustments and the best part these are very simply to carry out. By sliding your fingers down and up could bring in several adjustments over your chosen photos. The sliding right and left simply help in adding up effects over the scale ranging from 100 to -100, which simply makes the precision editing work faster and simpler. In order to give the photos some finishing touches, Snapseed comes with few filters and frames as well. Above all, it comes for free for Android users.

4:Photo Express

This application is among the best and intuitive kind of tool to edit different photos for the Android based phone users. Photoshop Express comes for free, which comes with a number of editing features like crop, flip, rotate and straighten the picture. Also, there are several adjustments, which you could add in your chosen photo that include tint, saturation, exposure, brightness and contrast. You could adjust the brightness or contrast by simply swiping the fingers over your touch screen and set the desired intensity effects. Also, there are few effects and borders to make your images look cool and interesting. Once you are finished with the editing work, Photoshop Express helps in uploading the photos over social networking sites and other websites.

5:Camera 360

It is a one stop application for the android based smartphone users for different photo editing tasks. Using Camera360, you could pull any image of your choice from the gallery and add the flash effect and front camera options. A timer could be set, which help you to complete the task in your set deadline. You could work in a burst mode using this application. Using this app, you could add a number of effects including setting up the photo size, quality, mirroring capture with the help of front camera, etc. The cloud feature in Camera 360 help you in working with cloud platforms, which means you could access the pictures from anywhere. The user interface happens to be very much slick and now is seen coming up with photo processing engine for much quicker and better performance. Camera 360 comes for free. 


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