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Friday, 6 December 2013

How To Unlock Any Model BlackBerry Smartphone

1. Download and install Microsoft NET Framework

2. Then again download and install Blackberry Desktop Manager v4.7.0.32

3. Download and install Blackberry Operating System

4. Delete the vendor.xml file which is located in System C:program files common file  motionapploader .

5. Download and install .MFI Multiloader

6. Open MFI Multiloader shortcut on your PC and wait until shows up as:

7. Then your phone should be like this on screen:Unlocking a BlackBerry Pearl

8. Open Blackberry Desktop Manager on your PC and read how to update/reinstall BlackBerry Operating System explained below. How To update/ReInstall BlackBerry Operating System ? Connect your device to your computer. Open the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager. Click Application Loader. Click Start in Add/Remove Applications or Update Applications. If necessary, perform the following actions: If the Device Security Password dialog box appears, type your device password. Click Next. If the Communication Port Selection dialog box appears, specify a communications port. Click Next. Click Next. Perform any of the following actions: To add an application that appears in the list, select the check box beside the application. To add an application that does not appear in the list, click Browse. Double-click an application loader (.alx or .ali) file. Click Next.

9. Click Finish.

10. Congratulations, your BlackBerry unlock is done for free! You can now replace your SIM and memory card and set up your phone the way you like it.


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