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Monday, 20 January 2014

How To View Locked Profile Picture

Today, I'm Going To Show You How To View Locked Profile Pictures. While Using Facebook Many Of times We Come To See that There Are Some Profile Dps Which you Can't Open Due To Some of Privacy Settings. To View Locked Profile Pictures You Don't Need Any tool . You Just have to Follow Some Simple Steps...
Every One knows That facebook has A lot Of Bugs And Due to tHis Bug you Can View Locked Profile Picture In Enlarge.


1.  Visit

2.  Now open Any Profile Which Is Locked. And You Want To See The pic.

3. Right Click On The Profile Picture And Click On the Copy image URL

4. Now you Are Going URL like this

5. Now Just Remove The p160x160 part from the url And modify that To p720x720 And Hit enter

6. Now you Are Going To See the Image In Large Size.


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