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Saturday, 30 August 2014

How To Hack Whatsapp Hack

Hacking Anyone Whatsapp Messages
>>>> WhatsApp is undoubtedly no.1 Messaging service on mobile devices having its presence across Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows phone. Users around the globe exchange billions of messages over WhatsApp. However, the most popular doesn’t mean the most secure.
We’ve shown you before how to hack whatsApp messenger as long as you know basic programming/­­networking. WhatsApp is designed to be inherently fast and insecure. When you use WhatsApp, you’re prone to leaking your IM history and conversations to the world. How to Read WhatsApp messages from anyone’s Android, iPhone, Blackberry WhatsApp saves your messaging history on the device itself in a simple encrypted format. Once you’ve access physical access to victim’s Android/ iPhone, you literally steal all their messaging history in couple of seconds with the right tools. Once you have them, you can decrypt them using the tools we’ll talk about in this article.

(WARNING: This article is only for educational purposes only. Stealing personal information is an offense by law in multiple constitutions. This guide is not responsible any damages you might incur.)

This guide is essentially to educate you how to take backup of your whatsApp conversations in case you wish to change your phone or SD card.
Other than reading whatsapp messaging history, you’ll be able to: Read your whatsapp chats again using a backup file
- Delete the grown-too-big message history of whatsapp, and back-it-up to computer. - Search old messages with ease. How to Hack Extract WhatsApp Messages from Android, iPhone Step 1. Locate & copy the encrypted backup file. For Android: /sdcard/WhatsApp/­­Databases/­­msgstore.db.crypt You can use a file manager to copy encrypted database. If it doesn’t exist, it can be created from WhatsApp settings> settings > more > Backup Chat OR: /data/data/­­com.whatsapp/­­databases/­­msgstore.db and wa.db Needs ROOT access. Additional advantage is it displays contact names with phone numbers. For iPhone: net.whatsapp.WhatsAp­­p/Documents/­­ChatStorage.sqlite You can use an iPhone Backup Tool to get the file, e.g. I-Twin or Iphone Backup Extractor. Make sure to create an unencrypted backup with iTunes, as these tools can’t handle encrypted backups. Another possibility are forensic tools like UFED Physical Analyzer. If you’re Jailbroken, you can also use iFile. For Blackberry: Sync your blackberry with desktop manager and then copy the messagestore.dbfile from SD. Step 2. Download and extract WhatsApp Xtract from XDA thread to a folder e.g. c:\whatsapp. Copy the database files you got in step1 to this folder. Step 3. Install Python + pyCrypto library You’ll need Python runtime and PyCrypto library to decipher the encrypted WhatApp messages. Install ActivePython (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX). Hint: Use x86 version if you’re using 32-bit OS, else x64 if using 64bit windows. When downloaded “run as administrator” install pyCrypto.bat. If you’ve any trouble install pyCrypto. Step 4. For windows, drag & drop the database file on to “whatsapp_xtract_dra­­g’n'drop_database(s­)­_here.bat”. If you’re on Mac or Linux, use following commands: For Android DB: python msgstore.db -w wa.db OR (if wa.db is unavailable) python msgstore.db OR (for crypted db) python msgstore.db.crypt For iPhone DB: (-w option is ignored) python ChatStorage.sqlite Once you run these, you’ll see the extracted messages into a html file.


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