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Saturday, 1 March 2014

How To Increase RAM Size Of Android Device

Nowadays Every One Is Running On Android Because of its popularity and millions of apps and games on android. The Major Problem is of low internal memory of android phones. Many peoples asked for the solution , how should increase size of internal memory, so they will be able to download and install more apps. so, today i'm here with an amazing trick by which you can increase your mobile internal memory.

Steps Given Below Is Complicated So You Have To Do It With Carefully If u Want Success.

                     Steps To Follow:
1. Here We Are Going To use Some Third Party Applications Like BusyBox , Ram Increaser And Swappe

 Firstly Download BusyBox :

2.                                    Now Download RAM INCREASER

3.   Install BusyBox.apk In Your Device

4. Now Install Ram Increaser.

5. Now GoTo Home In Your Device And long Press On Screen And then Add RAM INCREASER new gadget

6. Finally Run Ram Increaser to increase your RAM.

Great! you Have Done First part Now Move On Next And Final Step

7. Download Swapper Link Given Below

Install Swapper Then Run it

8. Select Activate Swap on Boot ( Optional)

9. Now You See Two Options..
a) Swap File Option
b) Swap File Size

10. Select Swap File Size

             Enter 320 MB For 2 GB SD Card
             Enter 520 MB For 4 GB SD Card
             Enter 820 MB For 8 GB SD Card

11. Finally Click Save & Let Swapper Do Its Task

12. Now After The Process Is Done, Deselect The "Activate Swap On Boot" Option

13. Again Come To Home Screen And Open Swapper  & Again Select "Activate Swap On Boot" Option.

14. Finally It Show As a Enabling Swap.

Done! Now you Have Successfully Increased Your Ram Size


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