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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Ahmed Made Clock And Get Arrested, Read Real And Full Story - #IStandWithAhmed

#IStandWithAhmed :-) (y)
#Ahmed (y) #IStandWithYou


A guy named #Ahmed created a clock in just 20 minutes when he showed that watch to his teacher she got afraid and called the cop.

   ------You Know Why She Call Cop------
She Called Cop Just Because #Ahmed Is Muslim And Teacher thought He Is Showing Time Bomb.. Teacher Thinks Muslims Are Terriost. :(

Its Gone Viral In Socail Sites too And It Is In Top Trending On Twitter As well As on Facebook.

He Was Just 14 years old..

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See What #MarkZuckerberg (CEO, FOUNDER of Facebook) says about This Kid #Ahmed

See What Brack Obam (President of USA) Says about this kid #AhmedMuhammad