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Saturday, 26 November 2016

How To Increase 8 Ball Pool Aim Length In 2016 - Working Method

How To Increase 8 Ball Pool Aim Length In 2016 - Working Method

8 Ball Pool Is One Of the famous game On facebook. Millions Of Peoples Daily Play This game And Want to Win And get more Coins But New Peoples Can't Aim the ball To The Exact Pocket So That Usually they Lose The Game. If You Are Also One of Them Then Don't Take tenshion Today I'm Going To Show You How To Increase The Aim Length Of 8 Ball Pool. This Trick is For NewBis . If You Know this trick Then Don't Do Rubbish Comments. or If You Don't Know then Please Share it So that other Also Know This Tricks.

   This trick Only Work In PC Or Laptop

                    1. Download and install cheat engine.

                    2. Download This Script.





Watch This Video For Better Understanding


Saturday, 30 August 2014

How To Hack Whatsapp Hack

Hacking Anyone Whatsapp Messages
>>>> WhatsApp is undoubtedly no.1 Messaging service on mobile devices having its presence across Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows phone. Users around the globe exchange billions of messages over WhatsApp. However, the most popular doesn’t mean the most secure.
We’ve shown you before how to hack whatsApp messenger as long as you know basic programming/­­networking. WhatsApp is designed to be inherently fast and insecure. When you use WhatsApp, you’re prone to leaking your IM history and conversations to the world. How to Read WhatsApp messages from anyone’s Android, iPhone, Blackberry WhatsApp saves your messaging history on the device itself in a simple encrypted format. Once you’ve access physical access to victim’s Android/ iPhone, you literally steal all their messaging history in couple of seconds with the right tools. Once you have them, you can decrypt them using the tools we’ll talk about in this article.

(WARNING: This article is only for educational purposes only. Stealing personal information is an offense by law in multiple constitutions. This guide is not responsible any damages you might incur.)

This guide is essentially to educate you how to take backup of your whatsApp conversations in case you wish to change your phone or SD card.
Other than reading whatsapp messaging history, you’ll be able to: Read your whatsapp chats again using a backup file
- Delete the grown-too-big message history of whatsapp, and back-it-up to computer. - Search old messages with ease. How to Hack Extract WhatsApp Messages from Android, iPhone Step 1. Locate & copy the encrypted backup file. For Android: /sdcard/WhatsApp/­­Databases/­­msgstore.db.crypt You can use a file manager to copy encrypted database. If it doesn’t exist, it can be created from WhatsApp settings> settings > more > Backup Chat OR: /data/data/­­com.whatsapp/­­databases/­­msgstore.db and wa.db Needs ROOT access. Additional advantage is it displays contact names with phone numbers. For iPhone: net.whatsapp.WhatsAp­­p/Documents/­­ChatStorage.sqlite You can use an iPhone Backup Tool to get the file, e.g. I-Twin or Iphone Backup Extractor. Make sure to create an unencrypted backup with iTunes, as these tools can’t handle encrypted backups. Another possibility are forensic tools like UFED Physical Analyzer. If you’re Jailbroken, you can also use iFile. For Blackberry: Sync your blackberry with desktop manager and then copy the messagestore.dbfile from SD. Step 2. Download and extract WhatsApp Xtract from XDA thread to a folder e.g. c:\whatsapp. Copy the database files you got in step1 to this folder. Step 3. Install Python + pyCrypto library You’ll need Python runtime and PyCrypto library to decipher the encrypted WhatApp messages. Install ActivePython (Windows, Linux, Mac OSX). Hint: Use x86 version if you’re using 32-bit OS, else x64 if using 64bit windows. When downloaded “run as administrator” install pyCrypto.bat. If you’ve any trouble install pyCrypto. Step 4. For windows, drag & drop the database file on to “whatsapp_xtract_dra­­g’n'drop_database(s­)­_here.bat”. If you’re on Mac or Linux, use following commands: For Android DB: python msgstore.db -w wa.db OR (if wa.db is unavailable) python msgstore.db OR (for crypted db) python msgstore.db.crypt For iPhone DB: (-w option is ignored) python ChatStorage.sqlite Once you run these, you’ll see the extracted messages into a html file.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

How To Increase RAM Size Of Android Device

Nowadays Every One Is Running On Android Because of its popularity and millions of apps and games on android. The Major Problem is of low internal memory of android phones. Many peoples asked for the solution , how should increase size of internal memory, so they will be able to download and install more apps. so, today i'm here with an amazing trick by which you can increase your mobile internal memory.

Steps Given Below Is Complicated So You Have To Do It With Carefully If u Want Success.

                     Steps To Follow:
1. Here We Are Going To use Some Third Party Applications Like BusyBox , Ram Increaser And Swappe

 Firstly Download BusyBox :

2.                                    Now Download RAM INCREASER

3.   Install BusyBox.apk In Your Device

4. Now Install Ram Increaser.

5. Now GoTo Home In Your Device And long Press On Screen And then Add RAM INCREASER new gadget

6. Finally Run Ram Increaser to increase your RAM.

Great! you Have Done First part Now Move On Next And Final Step

7. Download Swapper Link Given Below

Install Swapper Then Run it

8. Select Activate Swap on Boot ( Optional)

9. Now You See Two Options..
a) Swap File Option
b) Swap File Size

10. Select Swap File Size

             Enter 320 MB For 2 GB SD Card
             Enter 520 MB For 4 GB SD Card
             Enter 820 MB For 8 GB SD Card

11. Finally Click Save & Let Swapper Do Its Task

12. Now After The Process Is Done, Deselect The "Activate Swap On Boot" Option

13. Again Come To Home Screen And Open Swapper  & Again Select "Activate Swap On Boot" Option.

14. Finally It Show As a Enabling Swap.

Done! Now you Have Successfully Increased Your Ram Size

Monday, 24 February 2014

Unlimited Free Calls From PC To Mobile [[100% Working]]

Hello Visitors, Today I'm Showing You How To Make Unlimited Calls From PC To Any Mobile Number Without Spending A Single Penny.
Trick Is 100% Working..


1. Download Friend Caller.. CLICK (Password : ahmadtricks4you.blogspot)

2. Install It On Your PC. To Install It You Have to First Download And Install Java. If U Have Already Installed Java In Your Computer Then Simply Install It.

3. After Successful Installation, Open Friend Caller And Register It For Free

4. In Regestration It Supports Temporary Emails, So I Suggest You To Use Any Temporay Email Service Provider. You May Use 10minutemail .

5. Then Goto Your Email. and Confirm your Account. After Confirming You Have Been Awarded $0.10 for free calls which means You Have 10 sec For Free Calls.

               NOW THE TRICK BEGIN:

6. Login To Your Account ANd Click On the Phone As Shown In The Picture

7.  Download Cheat Engine From The Link Given Below

Pass: ahmadtricks4you.blogspot

8. Run Cheat Engine And Click On Open Process

9. Click On Window List.

10. Now Select Friend Caller in Window List And Click On Open.

11. Now Dial Number ( I Recommend You To First Dial Your Own Number). It Will Start Ringing.

12. Now. Quickly Open The Cheat Engine And Click On Enable Speed Hack. Edit Speed to 0.00

13.Bravo! You Have Done. Now Call As much As you Want The timer Will Freeze. Enjoy Your Call.

14. When You Click On Hang Up It Will Only Charged 0.02 , When Your Balance Is Finished , Again Goto Any Email Provider And Register It. Just Cuz OF this I Suggest You To Use Temporary Email Provider.

ENjoy Your Callls To Any Number

Monday, 13 January 2014

How To Download Paid Apps For free

Every One Loves To Use Every Thing For Free. We All Are Looking For Stuff That is free On Internet.

I Decided To  Share A trick With You That Is How to Download Paid Apps FOr Free..
I Hope You All Like This Post And appreciate Me For This.. Let We Start The Trick


                           1. Downlaod Blackmart Alpha From The Link Below

PASS: ahmadtricks4you.blogspot

2. After Success full Download Install It On Your Phone.

3.  Open Google Play Store Search Any Paid App.

4. Note Down The Name Of That App.

5. Open The App That You Have Downloaded Above Step "Blackmart" And Paste The Name In The App.

6. Search That Application That You Have Noted In Above Step.

7.  Install The App In your Mobile For Free.

You Have Done. Now You Can Download Your Desired Apps Without Spending A Single Penny.

How To Get Unlimited Coins Of Subway Surfers

Subway Surfer Is Most Famous Game On Play Store And many Peoples Are Asking For Tricks Of Subway Surfer.

So here is The Trick To Get Unlimited Coins On Subway Surfer Game.

It Will Help You In Increasing Your Score And If You Have More Coins You Can Use More Features On the Game


                                        1. Download The Game Subway Surfer:

2. Now Your Task IS To Download Cheat Files:

PASS: ahmadtricks4you.blogspot

3.  Now Just Extract The Cheat Files And You'll Get Three Files In It. Keep It In Safe Place We Are Going It To use In Next Steps

4. Now Goto Play Store And Download File Explorer Or Download It Directly From Here

5.  Now Open game And Goto Settings -- Apps -- Manage Apps -- Subway Surfer -- Tap On Clear Data.

6. Now Copy Cheat Files You Have Extracted In Above Steps And Open File Explorer And Goto SD Card -- Android -- Data -- com.kiloo.subwaysurf And Paste The Files You Have Copied..

NOTE: If The Folder Is Empty Then Its Ok Or If It Contains Any File Just Delete Them Copied Those Files Which You Have Downloaded In Above Steps

7. Now Every Thing Is Done. Just Restart Your Mobile And Open Subway Surf And See The Points :)

Like Don't FoRget To Share With Others :)

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hack Facebook Account Using Android Phone

Hello! Today i'm Showing How To Hack Facebook Account. This Trick Is mUch Easier And You Will get 90% Success. If You And Your victim Are On Same Network. this Tutirial Is Totally based Upon Android Device So You Don't need PC Or Laptop For this But please Make Sure You Are Not Doig This Trick In Illegal Way. This is Just for Eductional purpose.

FACENIFF is an android application through Which You Can Attack Your's Victim's Facebook, Orkut, Twitter And Much More Accounts In A minute

This Trick Only Work If You And Your Victim Are On Same WIFI Network


                                         1. At First Download The App Faceniff App:

2. Conncet To The Network And Open faceNiff Application

3. Click The RED button And It Will Turn GREEN When The Sniffer Is On.

4. Press The Enter Button And It Would Show A list Of All Accounts You Can HI JACK into.

5. Click The Account You Like To Hack And You Will Automatically Be Logged IN.

6. Do What You Want With The Hacked Account..

You Have Done! Enjoy

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Android Games Collection + HD + Emulators [PAID APPS ONLY]



The 400 most popular games from Android Market! This torrent includes all games

from my other torrents. If you liked my others collection you gonna love this, 

it's definitely worth to download "again".                                    


My 300 android collection was included more than 50 games who was not able to  

install - all this is now deleted. So this torrent includes more than 150 games

than my 300 Android games collection!                                          


The Torrent is including:                                                      


400 Android Games - Paid Only                                                  

7 Android Emulators - Paid Only - Free roms can be found at     

ASTRO Manager Pro - Just install and your ad is disable                                                                                           

Please check in utorrent to know the GAMES!                                    


Install apps with the .apk extension:                                          


1) Go to settings - applications - enable the 'unknown sources' option.        

2) Put the .apk files somewhere on your SD card.                               

3) Open your file manager on the device (like Astro Manager from market). You can

delete the Ad using the key in ASTRO.Manager.Pro map.                          

4) Select a .apk file.                                                         

5) If you get the 'complete action using' pop-up, choose 'package installer'.  

Download torrent File

   Pass: ahmadtricks4you.blogspot

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Top 10 free useful android apps of all time

Google play is the official app store which has over 700,000 apps but out of so many apps there are few apps that have made their royal existence. You will find these apps in almost every android devices. Here in this post we will discuss about such few useful apps that are most downloaded. 

top android applications you should have

1) Evernote
This app lets you create notes, create photos, create to do list, record voice and make notes that are completely searchable. It is a very useful app if you have a habit of forgetting out the things. 

2) Personal Finance Personal Finance is the most popular an free personal finance manager. This finance app manages all your personal finance account at just one place so as to make it easy for you to manage money from a single place. This app has the pass code protection so as to secure your details. Size : 8.5 MB

3) Tiny Flashlight + LED
This is a tiny useful android app that makes your smart phone flash light work as a torch. It also has different light sources like warning light, light with police alarm, DJ light, Morse Code, Text to Morse, Manual Morse Code, Camera Light. Different light sources help you at different situations. Size : It varies with device. 

4) MX Player
MX player is android advanced multimedia player to play Videos. The best part of this app is that it supports different king of video formats. It also support HD videos which generally does not play on lower end smart phones. It has features like zooming the video increasing the audio more than natural. It has multi touch features for different sort of functions like zoom audio control etc. Size : 7 MB

5) Go launcher
If you are fed up with your old mobile look and want some interactive animated features then this app is for you It gives a stylish look to the home screen of your smart phone. Go launcher is the most downloaded home screen changer app in google play. 

6) PicSpeed HD Wallpapers 500,000
This app has over 500000 HD wallpapers to choose as a background of your smart phone. It has vast varity of backgrounds to choose from. You can even crop, rotate or resize the image to adjust to your screen. Size : 477 kb

7) AirDroid
AirDroid is a app that helps to to connect you android smart phones and share you files easily with your computer or other phones. This apps provide wireless management of your phone from any browser. May it be MAC, Windows or other. Size 3.7 MB

8) Whats app messenger 
Whats app messenger is one of the top downloaded apps in the android market. With this messenger app you can send message to your friends, share images, audio and other files quiet easily through internet connection. 

9) Skype
Skype allows you to make free audio and video call through your mobile device. Skype video calls are free over 3G or Wi-FI

10) Wi-fi analyzer
Wi-Fi analyzer is a useful app that helps you to detect the wifi connections that are available for your device. This app helps you to connect hassle free and provide you best strength network for unbreakable connectivity. 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

How to Boost mobile Internet Speed by 200%

1. The First Point Is Obvious Find Some Near Hotspot And Use Their Internet As Its Fast And More Active. As They Are Connected To A Broadband Which They Are Simply Distributing Through Wi-Fi So You Can Take Advantage Of That Thing And Enjoy Faster Speeds.

2. All The Bonds, Using Mobile Internet Or EDGE In A Congested Room Entirely Covered With Walls And Think Plates Can Cause Decrease In Mobile Internet Service So Better To Use It In Open Without Any Walls Or Anything.

3. Using Mobile Internet In Off Peak Hours Can Seriously Boost Up The Speed Because The Using Traffic Is Really Low The Times Which Is Suitable For This Thing Is @ Night, So Try To Use It In Night As It Can Really Help You Out.

4. Updating Your Mobile Firmware Can Get New Settings Or Mods For Your Phone Which Can Rapidly Increase Speed And Gain More Connectivity So Every Month Always Check That If There Are Any Updates For Your Phone.

5. Well The Last Thing Can Cost You Some BUCKS But May Show You Some Increase In Your Speed Is That Purchase Booster I.E. Antenna Which Can Rapidly Capture More Signals And Gain More Connectivity So You Can Try This One If You Find One.

So These Were The 5 Tips Which Can Bring Some

(-_-) Happiness On Your Face As They Will Surely Boost Your Mobile Internet Connection AndGiver You Faster Facebook Access. So If You Have Any More Tips For Increasing Than Please Comment Below And I Will Surely Add That Too.

Friday, 6 December 2013

How to unroot any Android device [3 methods]

Method 1. This will work for about 99% of all Android device so chances are that it will work for your phone.

1. Open ES FIle Explorer [ Download from playstore ]

2. Touch on Options>Settings>Check mark “Root Explorer”>Check mark “Mount File System”

3. Go back and tap the favorite (located on top of the screen) and tap the “/”.

4. Go to “System” > “Bin” > Delete file named “su” (If you can’t find the su file it’s okay.)

5. Go back to “System” > “Xbin” > Delete “su” You might have it in “Bin”,”Xbin” or in both places. As long as it is in any one of the place you are fine. 6. Now , go back to “System” > “App” > Delete “SuperUser” apk.

You are now unrooted! Enjoy If this method doesn’t work check the below methods
Method 2.

if you have custom recovery installed, it will not remove that (you will have to re-install stock recovery or re-install stock firmware), but this will remove root completely for devices that only have root installed (for example: if you have a rooted Droid Razr or One X and rooted without installing custom recovery, this method will completely unroot your device and return it to stock.

So here we Start:

1. If you have SuperSU app already (many root methods use SuperSU), you can skip this step. If you have SuperUser app installed, download and install SuperSU app (free) from Play Store.

Step 2. Run the SuperSU app

Step 3. Go to Settings, and choose “Full unroot”.

That’s it! You have successfully unrooted your phone !  Simple ?

You can reboot your phone to find that your Android device completely unrooted.If you still see SuperSU or Superuser app in your drawer, simply uninstall using Play Store.

Method 3.

Universal Unroot is the one root access removal app to un-root any Android device. Just you have to click on the un-root and your device gets un-rooted. At this moment this app only supports x86, ARM and MIPS based devices. Download Universal Unroot For Android Here is all working and easy method How To Unroot Any Android try any of one you like and get unroot mobile easily. 

How To Unlock Any Model BlackBerry Smartphone

1. Download and install Microsoft NET Framework

2. Then again download and install Blackberry Desktop Manager v4.7.0.32

3. Download and install Blackberry Operating System

4. Delete the vendor.xml file which is located in System C:program files common file  motionapploader .

5. Download and install .MFI Multiloader

6. Open MFI Multiloader shortcut on your PC and wait until shows up as:

7. Then your phone should be like this on screen:Unlocking a BlackBerry Pearl

8. Open Blackberry Desktop Manager on your PC and read how to update/reinstall BlackBerry Operating System explained below. How To update/ReInstall BlackBerry Operating System ? Connect your device to your computer. Open the BlackBerry® Desktop Manager. Click Application Loader. Click Start in Add/Remove Applications or Update Applications. If necessary, perform the following actions: If the Device Security Password dialog box appears, type your device password. Click Next. If the Communication Port Selection dialog box appears, specify a communications port. Click Next. Click Next. Perform any of the following actions: To add an application that appears in the list, select the check box beside the application. To add an application that does not appear in the list, click Browse. Double-click an application loader (.alx or .ali) file. Click Next.

9. Click Finish.

10. Congratulations, your BlackBerry unlock is done for free! You can now replace your SIM and memory card and set up your phone the way you like it.

Viber For PC

Free Download Viber For PC

PASS: ahmadtricks4you.blogspot